The federal government’s nearly $800 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), provides $15 billion in additional funding to federal agencies for research. Rutgers faculty and staff compete for peer-reviewed grants from federal funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the Nation Institutes of Health, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Rutgers is among the world’s premier research institutions, and the awards it receives through ARRA will have a major impact on New Jersey and the nation. The awards will accelerate innovation, create jobs and addresses some of society’s most pressing challenges.

This web page will summarize the impact of these awards on Rutgers and provide the latest news on recovery act funding awarded to Rutgers researchers.

Awards By Campus

CampusAward Amount
New Brunswick$65,594,120
Awards By Agency
Agency NameAward Amount
US Department of Labor$341,186
National Endowment for the Arts$100,000
U.S. Department of Transportation-FTA$1,700,000
National Institutes of Health$42,768,592
National Science Foundation$14,642,797
US Department of Energy$1,393,390
US Department of Education$500,980
Health Resources and Services Administration$64,576
US Environmental Protection Agency$19,996
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality$7,309,500
US Department of Justice$605,996
US Department of Commerce$404,650
US Department of Agriculture$10,000
Other US Governmental Agency$42,113
Grand Total$69,903,776

In fiscal year 2010, more than $433.9 million of research at Rutgers was sponsored by the federal government, state government, corporations, and foundations, providing research experiences for undergraduates, support for graduate assistants and postdoctoral researchers, and bringing state–of–the–art equipment and facilities to our campuses.